Here are two new projects I’ve recently finished. The suite for Titanfall 2 is a fan-made suite I wrote for a video game.

I spent the past four months living in Prague, Czech Republic. While there, I created a few new pieces. Here is a selection of some of the work I did. Enjoy!
“A Reassurance”: a duet written for viola and piano. This is a stylistic blend of the early-20th century harmonies of Messiaen and my own more contemporary cinematic voice.

“Museum Instrument”: a digital piece made by manipulating samples of a broken piano in the basement of my apartment.

“Washington Square Park and a Lake at Night”: a digital piece which blends and morphs the contrasting soundscapes of Washington Square Park and a lake in Maine at night. It was my intention to create sounds which blur the line between “urban” and “rural”.

“Silent Threats” score: a combined music and sound cue for the introduction to a TV documentary focusing on the impending threats of natural disasters.

These past few months have been typically busy. I now finally have a chance to upload the things I’ve been working on.
A music cue I wrote for an advertisement as part of a competition.

Miscellaneous music cues for video and other compositions.
Acoustic guitar music cue:
Piano and voice trio arrangement for Christmas Eve service:
Music cue made for an action video game:
Misc woodwind music cue:

I had a recital in December, and here are a couple recordings from the event.
Lydian River Sonatina (piano solo):
Broken Computers (glockenspiel solo):

Recently, I’ve found myself being drawn to the process of manipulating recordings I’ve captured as opposed to using synthesizers. This is a sample of a revamped version of the second track I posted in May, using entirely new percussion and other sounds. Still a work in progress.

I’ve been making a number of songs over the past year or so that I am really fond of but felt they need to be released together. They’re somehow connected in my mind, and as I work through and finish them, I’ll do my best to make those connections apparent in the music. Here are some previews of them.

(warning: loud)

This is an experiment I did using a recording I captured of Washington Square Park. This etude of sorts is an effort to take an enharmonic environment, and make a harmonic instrument out of it.